Road Trip East

My little car, my little tent trailer and I drove east from Port Moody. No specific route in mind and no date to be anywhere by. A great road trip!

I started out at the beginning of summer but the weather and temperatures did not seem like July. I traveled east in the southern part of British Columbia but that didn’t improve the temperatures any. The land east of the Okanagan is so beautiful. Every time I travel through, I think I need to return and spend some time there. I spend a little more time there this time as I took my time.

One of the things I got to do was take a free ferry ride. Yes, a FREE FERRY RIDE IN B.C.! Yes, it claims to be the Western Hemisphere’s longest free ferry ride. It was across the beautiful Kootenay Lake. The scenery and free ride was worth the little diversion I took.

I decided to go to Fort Steele as I had never been. Fort Steele is a restored 1890’s pioneer boomtown and was quite enjoyable. I spent a few hours there wondering around.

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Once over the Crowsnest Pass and into Alberta, I headed south. I had heard a lot about Waterton Lakes National Park and was eager to see it in person. Well, it was beautiful. I obtained a campsite and was just wondering what I should check out when I notice a bear by my car coming into my site. The bear was surprised to hear and see me so just walked away. The next morning I had a big deer eating around my site.




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