Glasgow and Stirling

My sister, Donna, and I spent our first few days in the UK in Glasgow. We started exploring with the Hop On Hop Off bus to get to know the city.20160505_015954

Then we visited Provands Lordship home which is now a very nice and cute little museum. The home is extremely old and it made for an interesting tour. After visiting Glasgow Cathedral, we walked up a steep hill behind the Cathedral to the Necropolis. This is a 37 acre impressive old cemetery full of wonderful architecture and sculptures. This Victorian cemetery was started in 1833 with interesting monuments, tombs and mausoleums.  Very neat and some good views, too.

We were very keen to visit the Tenement House Museum. We made 2 attempts to visit. The first attempt we arrived way too early before it opened and the second attempt we arrived 5 minutes too late after it closed for the day. As we left Glasgow the next morning, we couldn’t make a third attempt.

While in Glasgow, we took a one day trip by train to Stirling where we explored Stirling Castle and the town. Of course the castle was interesting and I also enjoyed our little tour of Argyll House just down the hill a bit from the castle. At Argyll House, we had a good tour guide who seemed to enjoy his job and told some interesting stories.

I didn’t like Stirling very much. Of course the buildings were very old but the were also very dark and dirty in colour. I can’t say it was very inviting because of the dark buildings and it seemed like a depressing place to live. Others might disagree with me.

Hint for travellers in this area:  It’s not a good idea to travel by train on Saturdays. There are lots of football fans and other sports fans who like to bring a supply of alcoholic beverages and see how much they can drink on the train before they get to their destination. It seems to be quite a popular pastime. However, they cannot pull out their liquid picnics until 10 a.m.


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