Our Jeep Safari Tour

Four of us did the “Jeep Safari Yumari Tour”. Those of us who could drive a standard and brought their driver’s license got to drive a Jeep. First stop was Cueva de Saturno where we had a very nice refreshing swim inside the caves. This meant a bit of exploring by swimming. Interesting, but once again a little too dark inside to take great photos. Next stop was the Atlantic Ocean and some snorkeling on the reef. The reef was not as good as the Great Barrier Reef but good anyway with some beautiful coral and fish. We had to change out of our bathing suits into our clothes after this. I didn’t want to carry too much around that day so I had a small microfiber cloth the size of a facecloth for a towel. It did a great job and dried me off. The only private place to change seemed to be the one washroom. So we had to be quick and then tip the “attendant” outside who was banging on the door. He thought I was taking too long and there were others waiting!

Then we went to a farm for a Cuban lunch. The drive there, especially the closer we got to the farm, got to be a very challenging drive. The road wasn’t very good and it was very muddy – a bit slippery. But our driver did a great job. The meal was very good. There was a little stall at this farm selling some tourist items from the farm such as sweets. We saw some extremely cute baby goats, a hawk, and a cantankerous donkey. We rode some horses around the field and some chose to ride the bull. That bull was not as energetic as the horses, which isn’t saying much! So the bull riders didn’t go far. We were having fun and so interested in the animals that we almost forgot to look at the lovely scenery beyond the farm.

Next on the tour was the boat trip on the Canimar River. When we arrived at the river, we were in time to see a little skit/show for the tourists about a custom of the now extinct aboriginals of Cuba. Then the 4 of us got on a little motor boat, each taking turns to drive it. Of course, there is one in every group – one of us (not me) had to go rogue and not stay in the line format! She was getting yelled at by our tour guide and the boat tour guide and then a bit by the rest of her crew! But we made it back safely and without being arrested!

On one of our remaining days of our Cuba trip, some of our group took the local tourist bus from the resort into the town of Varadero. The bus was only $5 USD for the day. Two of our group had some items to give away to the local children so we walked to some back streets where the local people lived. The items went fast and they didn’t seem to have enough gifts but the locals were happy with what they received. After going to a couple of markets, Monica and I did some additional exploring by walking around town once again. Heading back to the resort by bus, I decided to tour the area by doing a full loop of the resort area on the bus. It wasn’t too interesting but good to do at least once!

We were very fortunate for the week with the weather. We had some rain and storms here and there but nothing too bad. Our last day started out with rain and wind. I thought it was going to be a terrible day. However, the afternoon improved enough for us to enjoy one last play in the surf and sand and to get more bug bites before we left for home.

This trip to Cuba has inspired me to learn Spanish. I have taken some introductory lessons and have become familiar with DuoLingo. I plan to improve on what I have learned so far.

Stay tuned! My next trip is coming up very soon. My sister, Donna, and I are off to Northern England and Scotland. We will walk all (yes all – approx. 135km) of Hadrian’s Wall and then do some touring around.



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