I treated myself to a one week trip to Cuba at the beginning of December – sun and warmth! I went with about 19 other people so I was never lonely. The trip was for one special lady to celebrate a special birthday (not me). We stayed the week at the Memories resort in Varadero. It was a different experience – starting at the airport.

Someone on the plane was telling me about all the doors at the airport and I didn’t understand what he was talking about. I soon found out. There were many booths in a long row. The customs officers in the booths were facing sideways, not towards the line so it was a bit strange.  Customes booths at Varadero Airport (photo from internet)

After a very limited conversation and an examination of my documents, the customs officer took my photo – no smiling, only serious faces! The officer then pressed a button to unlock the door beside me and I had to go out through this door. Sure enough, on the other side I turned around and saw a long line of doors.

Our group was greeted by a guide and bus driver. We had a nice but dark drive to the resort since we arrived in the wee hours of the morning.

This first day seemed very long as I had very little sleep and we arrived very early in the morning. But, during the day our group was getting organized by switching rooms, settling in, and arranging tours for the week. I also got to check out the resort and the beach.

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