Camping on Lake Erie

In August, my sister, Donna, & I joined our cousin, Debbie, and her husband, James, for a 5 night camping trip. Well actually, everyone else “glamped” in a biggish trailer while Donna & I and her two largish dogs camped in a tent. It was the first time the dogs had been camping in a tent. Of course this was a bit entertaining as well as interesting. We were also joined by 3 other “glampers” (Debbie’s & James’s friends) and their 2 small dogs. Total = 7 people and 5 dogs on 2 adjoining sites! Our party camped on the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario at a provincial campground and just outside the small town of Port Burwell. The provincial campground had plenty and varied types of camping sites. I couldn’t believe the amount of empty sites in summer even if it was midweek!

The park had an area on the beach that allowed dogs. We (including the dogs) enjoyed playing in the lake for only one day. Unfortunately, for the rest of our visit the provincial beach was closed due to pollution. Even without the beach, we had fun and kept ourselves amused.

One of the interesting things we did was a tour of the submarine, HMCS Ojibwa in Port Burwell. No, the sub wasn’t in the lake but on dry land. The sub was interesting in itself but what made the tour extra special was the stories the tour guide told about this old, cold war submarine. Living aboard the submarine was no picnic! The tour was well worth the visit and definitely a “must do” for any visitors to Port Burwell.

We also visited the Port Burwell Lighthouse built in the 1840s and the Port Burwell Marine Museum. The visit to the lighthouse was short and sweet. The museum was much more interesting.

One day we did a car tour and visited Sparta and Port Stanley. Port Stanley is an historic filling village on Lake Erie. It has some interesting shops and sites along their main streets. Sparta was the most interesting town. It is a little historical village a bit north of Lake Erie. It was founded by Quakers in the early 1800s. After checking out the interesting and unique shops, Donna & I visited the little lavender farm nearby. While driving around we saw some of the (painted) quilt blocks on the barns that the area is well known for.

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Watch for it! My next posting will be about my trip to Cuba in December. I shouldn’t take so long to post about this trip.


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