Cycling In Quebec

As usual, I got in a few good bike rides while in Quebec. One ride was a cycle from Laval Ouest to Oka with my two sisters and brother-in-law. We rode on some back roads through Laval Ouest, north across the foot bridge, then along some residential roads through the City of Two Mountains. Starting in Two Mountains we enjoyed riding on the paved Vagabond bike trail with varied scenery through residences and forested areas. This took us through Pointe Calumet and Ste. Marthe-sur-le-lac. We returned on the same trail to see the same sites in reverse after going through pretty Oka Provincial Park.

Of course we went on some of our regular bike trails – a couple of the sections of the P’tite Train du Nord in the Laurentians and another along the always popular Lachine Canal in Montreal. Both paved and scenic.

Lachine Canal trail

Lachine Canal trail

One of the most enjoyable trails was on the Recre-O-Parc which is part of the City of Sainte Catherine just across the St. Lawrence River and south of Montreal. It is a paved road (without cars) the length of Heron Island, which is long and thin. It had some nice views, plenty of fresh air, and a few groundhogs roaming about.

Victoria Bridge from Heron Island

Victoria Bridge from Heron Island


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