Animals & Birds

This post is about the animals and birds I saw, particularly the wild ones.

On my travels, I saw the usual Australian animals. There were the wild koalas:

I couldn’t resist including this photo of a koala in the Cleland Wildlife Park near Adelaide. It was such a good pose.

100_3768-2 in Cleland Wildlife Centre

These were semi-tame wild kangaroos in the Grampians:

And a field of very wild kangaroos at sunset, also in the Grampians:


The only dingo I saw in the wild was on Fraser Island:



I had to avoid stepping on some of these Eastern Water Dragons in Brisbane’s Para Parkland.

bearded dragon? in Brisbane

There were plenty of wild and colourful birds called parakeets and lorikeets. Apparently, there is a difference but I am not going to explain it. There were some at a campground, even one eating right out of my hand. Could the red and blue one be a Crimson Rosella?

I was walking around in Williamstown and heard a bird warbling. I started searching the branches in the tree above me and finally found this colourful guy peaking out of a hole in the trunk. After a bit, he was joined by another poking his head out of the hole. They are probably Rainbow Lorikeets.

Most likely, those noisy birds I head at dusk on my way south along the coast (mentioned in my Brisbane and Byron Bay post) were lorikeets. My quick research says they are often seen in loud and fast-moving flocks, or in communal roosts at dusk.

I saw these lorikeets at Cabarita near Sydney each morning. They liked the sap from the flowers on the bushes by my window.

Here are three types of Cockatoos I photographed:

At Blanchetown, we saw an unusual site – pelicans in the trees. The pelicans and another type of bird were waiting for the fish to come through the gates in the Murray River. Could be Great Cormorants on the side helping them fish.

There were some other birds including some peacocks very willing to pose for photos: the red and blue bird in Canberra might be a Eclectus Parrot. I believe the photo of the blue & black bird with the red forehead and beak is of a Swamphen. I saw it in Melbourne and Canberra. The grey, white and black bird with the yellow face is a Masked Lapwing I saw in Rainbow Beach before heading to Fraser Island.

Notice the green beaks on the Cape Barren Geese.

100_3780-2 Cape Barren Goose



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