My friends Hemant and Vydia kindly put me up for a week in the Sydney vicinity of Cabarita around Canada Bay. It is a very lovely neighbourhood. Lots of water around. A very pleasant place to live.

Hemant drove me up to the Blue Mountains, named this because of their blue haze. The blue haze phenomenon is from light rays coming into contact with fine dust particles and droplets of oil dispersed from the eucalyptus trees in the valley. It did look a bit blue off into the distance and the scenery was quite beautiful. We stopped at Katoomba for a beautiful view of the mountains, the valley and the 3 Sisters.

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains

My first day visiting the sites of Sydney, I of course walked around the Opera House, the Botanic Gardens, and went up the pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for some views.

I also strolled through historic The Rocks area.

I went to most of the usual tourist attractions such as Mrs. Macquarrie’s chair, museums, art galleries, St. Mary’s Cathedral (impressive), and the Sydney Tower, etc.

The outside of Sydney Hospital was interesting.

Here are some more scenes of Sydney:

Of course I went to Bondi Beach, about a 30 minute bus ride from Sydney.

I took a 30 minute passenger ferry ride to famous Manly Beach.The water was cooler than the Whitsundays, so I just waded in the water and waves. Both had plenty of surfers and people enjoying the water but I liked the town of Manly best of the two.

I did a walking tour of the Kings Cross & Paddington areas to see the old terrace houses and the 1830’s Elizabeth Bay House.


Each day going into Sydney and returning, I thoroughly enjoyed the approx. 45 minute passenger ferry ride. Sydney seems to have a great public transit system that includes the ferries.

I purchased a 7 day transit card for $60 which I used for all the ferries, trains and buses. Circular Quay is the main hub for most of the ferries.

I definitely preferred  to take the train and passenger ferry here in Sydney.

I’m going to Canberra by train. Thanks to Vydia, Hemant and family for the hospitality. Very much appreciated.


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