Brisbane & Byron Bay

Brisbane is bigger than I thought it would be. There are  lots of motorways and tunnels.  I took a cruise – the city’s free shuttle passenger ferry up and down the river – to get an idea of the city. The river twists and turns and I got to see a good bit this way.

Then I walked all over to see things on foot, including spending some time in the Roma Street Parklands which was very pleasant and relaxing. I also walked in the South Bank area. This area is the cultural area hosting the symphony, museum, art gallery, etc.

It’s a pretty city but I can’t really say there’s much to do in the central part of it. I explored the Queen Street Mall with its many different stores. I was so looking forward to renting a bike and going for a ride but the lady at the Info Centre directed me to a bogus location for a bike rental!

I have to admit that even though I was drinking water, I got dehydrated from doing so much walking and exploring. I didn’t feel too great by the end of the afternoon from dehydration so missing the bike ride didn’t hurt too much. But it would have been nice.

The next part of my adventure was to Byron Bay by bus. On the way, we went through Surfers Paradise. You would imagine that with a name like Surfers Paradise, it would be a cozy little town with a great beach. Well, you would be wrong. Yeah, ok, so was I. It is huge with many tall modern skyscrapers. It does have beaches but it looked like an Ozzie Miami!

We also went through a tiny town called Mooball that had a theme going on of black spots on white like a dairy cow.

100_4939-2When I got to my hostel in Byron Bay,  the first thing I did was go for a bike ride. I rode out to the most eastern point in Australia. Wooppie! A beautiful site.

Byron is a nice big town – nothing over 2 – 3 stories high. Apparently, in Byron it’s still hip to be a hippie. Lots of stores here. Not overly expensive but nothing cheap either. And of course quite a few beautiful beaches.

Underside of a gecko through window

Underside of a gecko through window

The scenery heading south both to Byron Bay and to Sydney was very pretty and picturesque – lovely rolling mountains. They would be interesting to explore on a return trip. We arrived in one town at dusk for a meal break and we heard such a deafening noise when we got out of the bus. The noise was from about 1000 colourful budgy type birds trying to get their branch in a big tree for the night right. I got to watch & listen to them for a while.


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