Fraser Island & the Australia Zoo

I headed south on the overnight bus to Rainbow Beach. Rainbow Beach is a popular leading off place for Fraser Island, especially for the “tag alongs” – those going for a wild time of camping and driving a 4 wheel drive on the beach. Rainbow Beach is very small and there isn’t much there except the beach. They have 2 very small grocery stores.

I chose a 2-day more relaxed trip in a 4 wheel drive bus with about 19 others, sleeping in a beautiful comfy cabin in Happy Valley.

100_4601Fraser Island is a fair-sized island all of sand and is a huge tourist destination and a world heritage site. It is the largest sand island in the world (123 km long & 25 km across), a mix of hills, valleys, rainforest and clear lakes.

I got picked up for the trip in Rainbow Beach while the rest of the crowd came from farther away in Noosa. My travel agent had said I could get picked up from Rainbow Beach and get returned to Noosa. This sounded great to me because it helped me continue my journey south.

So when the bus came to pick me up, he couldn’t take all my baggage on the bus – no room for bags, just basic things. He said I could either cancel my trip to Fraser Island or somehow get my big bag to Noosa myself. How? I wasn’t going to trust anyone with my bag. Eventually, after calling his boss, he said I could leave it in a back room of the Shell station and his boss would pick it up that day. Great! Then I had to do some quick thinking and scrambling to get some minimal things together in my backpack for the 2 days.

We were ferried over to the island on a ferry that had no landing spots for the ferry except for the sandy beaches. There is an official motorway on the beach (with speed signs) and the motorway is also used as a landing strip for the islands commercial airline (Air Fraser Island). So the vehicles have to pull over to let the planes land or take off.

The island was beautiful. We traveled over a good part of the island in 2 days – Indian Head, the ship wreck, swam in Mckenzie Lake and various other things.

We got free skin exfoliation because of the sands and winds. I sure needed a good rinsing off from all the sands once I got to my hostel.

wild dingo on Fraser Island

wild dingo on Fraser Island

My luggage and I got to Noosa safely. Unfortunately, the hostel in Noosa had no air con. It was not very comfortable at all. But it was only for one night.

My next trip was to Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Of course the zoo was great. I saw snakes, alligators, birds, a tazzy devil, & everything, and petted a koala. I think the only thing I didn’t see was the platypus. The noon day show was terrific. My favourite part was all the birds flying around the stadium at top speed. I can’t identify the blue bird. If anyone knows what type it is, please let me know. I presume it is some type of parrot.

Next, Brisbane.


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