Beautiful Whitsunday Islands

After a very long overnight bus ride from Alice Springs, I arrived on the east coast at Airlee Beach. Wow, the water around here is a beautiful blue/green and georgeous! Here are some good photos taken of the town of Airlee Beach and from the town’s beach.

In the middle of summer it gets dark early. At 7:15 pm on Feb 1, it  was almost completely dark. But the sun comes up very early, too.   About 5 am I think. I’m not getting up that early to find out for sure. Rumour has it that these east coasters are up that early jogging and doing their own thing before going to work and everything is quiet after 8 pm. I guess it makes sense considering the heat here. So different to the summer in Vancouver when the sun sets much later.

My first adventure here was a kayak trip to some of the islands for the morning. We saw a big turtle swimming around. My paddling partner was the only guy and had good upper body strength. We always seemed ahead of the others so we had to keep slowing down. A great trip.

The next day I took an all day ocean rafting trip that took us snorkeling. I saw different fish, some very colourful, and different corals. We got to play in the surf at Whitehaven Beach. And the rafting ride was fun. We got sprayed so much coming back that my face felt very sore from the salt on it!

I was still feeling tired the next day from the effects of this day of fun. I can’t believe that one guy fell asleep on the raft coming back while we were bouncing around on the water! He must have been thoroughly tired.

There are at least 6 hostels here in Airlie Beach. It’s very popular with backpackers.

Nomads, Airlie Beac

Nomads backpackers, Airlie Beach

Airlie is where I finally got my eye glasses mended. I can’t remember ever breaking my glasses before but I did this time. I think I did a few too many Aussie waves (waving the flies away from the face), knocking my glasses and slowly weaking an arm of my glasses. Then one time I slightly banged my glasses against something and the arm broke off. So the 2 arms don’t match but they are more comfortable now. New glasses when I get home!

After Airlie I head south some more.



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