Alice Springs and Uluru

I took a long bus ride from Cooper Pedy and arrived in Alice Springs. After the desolate landscape and surroundings of CP, Alice was quite green. I expected a more typical looking desert of sand, tumbleweeds, etc., but this wasn’t so. Apparently, Alice and the area had 3 days of rain about 2 weeks previous and the rain had greened up the area a bit. There was also some huge flooding.

We had to get up very early for our “rock tour” – lots of driving to do to get to our destinations. We first saw huge Mount Connor. I believe it is bigger than Uluru. Nearby was Lake Amadeus, a huge salt lake.

Before visiting Uluru, we some some other big rocks and hiked through Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta. These were also important to the aborigines. 

The temperature got up to about 37 degrees C. One of the cooler days I hear. It was hot and very dry. We needed lots of water. I was one of the few smart ones that had a fly net for my head. The flies were relentless trying to get at our eyes, ears, noses and mouths. I thought it was a bit pricey at the time but my fly net was a great $10 investment!

We slept under the stars for 2 nights in swags. Swags are traditional Aussie canvas bedrolls with a built-in thin foam mattress and a piece to cover your head so nothing is exposed and to keep out any kreepy krawlers. We could hear the dingoes really howling one night. I was fairly comfortable and had a decent sleep considering the unfamiliarity of the sleeping conditions. My fellow camp mates had to have the big bonfire, too.

Finally Uluru. I felt emotional and awestruck when I was there. We got to walk, the approx. 9km around it.  We also got to watch the sunset on it and then, the next morning, the sun rise behind it. Definitely worth the trip.

The many faces of Uluru:

My journey leaving the outback was also interesting. The Greyhound bus stopped at Aileron where I had a photo op with the Desert Mermaid and Her Lover.

100_4476-2 AileronThrough the windows of the bus, I saw forests of termite hills. People had even dressed some with hats and shirts.


So, Queensland, here I come next!


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