Almost Time to Leave

Australia – Here I Come!

Well, time to leave is getting near. Tuesday is the big day! I have a 12 hour flight from Vancouver to Shanghai, wait about 6 hours, then a 11 hour flight to Melbourne, Australia (arriving Thursday, Jan 8).

Melbourne is 17 hours ahead of Vancouver time. You easterners can subtract 3 hours from that. There is an extreme heat, fire danger warning there right now. The weather predictions say thunderstorms on Thursday and up to about 31 degrees. Friday it will rain and up to only 22 degrees. I might have to bring out my Vancouver brolly and wait a few more days to finally see the sun. I hope the rain won’t put a damper on my Greyhound/Great Ocean Road/Adelaide trip (starting Friday morning).


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  1. Fire warnings are quite serious in VIC & SA at the moment, and include evacuations especially in SA. A number of houses have been lost and a lot of property damage, loss of wildlife etc. You might want to check out ABC websites (, the equivalent of CBC in Canada) for more accurate and up-to-date info on fires as you might have to adjust your itinerary due to accessibility and the like.

  2. Thanks for the tips Dave. My friend, Viv, in Adelaide just wrote. They haven’t had to evacuate but there are places nearby (not too close) that have been evacuated. I don’t get to Adelaide until Sunday evening so things can change (I hope). We’ll see how things go. As far as the trip from Melbourne to Adelaide goes, I trust that Greyhound can figure it out.

  3. Hi Linda

    By the time you arrive on Sunday there would have been few days of rain which will help a lot with the bushfires. Greyhound would be using the main freeways which are not in the danger area now. Today there is the risk that the fire will get worse as we have a forecast of 38 with wind. Strangely, there is a warning for heavy rain and possible flooding in coming days, north of Coober Pedy…where we will be in two weeks. If it’s not fire here, it’s flood!!! Welcome to Oz.

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